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Debs' Matteo-site !

A fansite ...

12/09/2004 : The end of the site ... Time is precious, and i don't have it. 

This still is a fansite, dedicated to Matteo Brighi ... But it's pretty obvious that i haven't updated the site in a LONG time.
I'm sorry, but i'm afraid i don't have the time to continue with this site.  I'm going to university in a couple of weeks to study languages ( Italian, finally ), so i'll need all my time to study ...
I'll keep cheering for Matteo, like i've been doing for a couple of years now.
If you have any questions or something, still feel free to mail me.
Love, Debbie.

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A huge thank you to Alice and Stefi from the 2 other Matteo-fansites !

I took some pictures from different homepages over the net to make this site... With no intention to infringe any copyright laws !


Debbie ( 2001 )